In order to streamline and automate processes in healthcare, RETTS Log is available as a system module integrated in the healthcare provider’s current medical records system.


How does it work?

RETTS Log is an integrated part of the hospital medical records system. Collection of data such as vital parameters, reason for visit, signs and symptoms all occur in real time. RETTS Log can now be used on all known screen solutions, so you can use the technical platform of your choice. RETTS Log provides ongoing suggestions for the current priority level, as well as suggested interventions that are built into the RETTS decision support system. Log may be accessed via the hospital’s existing IT system. The hospital has the full technical responsibility for running the installation.

The benefits of RETTS Log


  • RETTS Log caters to the varying requirements of data collection in emergency care
  • Patient data is collected and made available within the organisation in real time
  • Improved overview and traceability of patient data
  • Reduced lead times
  • Simplified follow-up and quality control
  • RETTS Log compiles and delivers a short, preliminary acute care record

The care process

  • The ESS items come up automatically via reason for visit, so a manual search is not required
  • Integration with current medical records systems
  • Decreases the administrative burden
  • Leads to increased control and an improved overview
  • Opportunity for research and science


  • Improved opportunities for follow-up within your organisation

What is included in Log?

  • The Log license is delivered in collaboration with other IT suppliers
  • The conditions are otherwise the same as for our Online licenses
  • The Log user agreement is made with partners to Predicare AB