Getting started

Organisations that have implemented RETTS in Sweden and Norway have in some cases received training support from Predicare, while others have managed the process without support. This indicates that RETTS is easy to learn and implement in emergency departments, ambulance services and community healthcare. An instrument to teach new staff members and train previous users of RETTS via the e-learning system RETTS Sim is now available. From 2015, RETTS Sim is included in the system for all RETTS license holders. Contact us to find out how to get started.

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RETTS is used in all county councils in Sweden, and in more than half of the Norwegian counterparts. There is same distribution is seen for ambulance organisations in Sweden and Norway. We see a growing need for the use of a single decision support system within the entire chain of acute care as well as within the associated primary healthcare and home healthcare.


  • All county councils and regions in Sweden
  • Ambulance services in Sweden
  • Many local healthcare centres and municipalities are evaluating RETTS


  • The majority of Norwegian emergency care hospitals and ambulance organisations
  • Many municipalities and community healthcare services