Rätt med RETTS Beslutstöd

by Bengt Widgren


This is the second book about RETTS, which provides an overview and insight into the sometimes difficult conditions and challenges of emergency care. RETTS decision support system is used successfully during the primary assessment of patients seeking emergency care in Sweden, Norway and Nepal. Almost 40 million patients have been “rettsed” in emergency rooms and ambulances in the Nordics since 2005. The method is safe, cheap and easy to use and provides healthcare professionals with faster and safer high-quality emergency care. Finding the sickest patients quickly, but also finding those with a lower degree of medical risk, is important. RETTS gives the individual user and the organization a common language for communication, which we know reduces the variations in assessments. RETTS unique features help simplify as well as provide rational emergency care throughout the care chain.

RETTS was first implemented in 2005, which might give the impression that it is an old system or tool. But like a samurai sword, RETTS is built with a hard and logical core in several layers based on extensive knowledge and experience. RETTS has been developed, validated and sharpened by the organization behind it, as well as its users, in order to maintain its quality and value in an optimal way.

RETTS is safe and places demands on the business and its capacity, but also its organization and competence.

Author: Bengt Widgren, MD, PhD

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