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You are welcome to contact any of us at Predicare. We have been responsible for RETTS, Rapid Emergency Triage and Treatment System, and its further development since 2011. We are happy to answer all questions and queries about RETTS and are grateful for your feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Contact information

Predicare AB
Sahlgrenska Science Park
Medicinargatan 8A
SE-413 90 Göteborg

Contact persons

Mathias Myrén, CEO
+46 (0)76 840 14 23

Kerstin Klingberg, Finance
+46 (0)73 600 37 01

Bengt Widgren, Chief Medical Officer
+46 (0)70 524 22 93

Andreas Bom, Lead Software Developer / Solution Architect
+46 (0) 79 347 25 35

Frida Widelund, Software Developer
+46 (0) 72 222 52 02

Marcus Björkroth, Software Developer
+46 (0) 73 712 06 20

Jessica Råbe, Customer Development, Medical coordinator 
+46 (0)70 257 24 68

Yuan Tian Almqvist, Export & Sales Manager 
+46 (0) 76 891 15 16

User network

A large number of RETTS users are involved in a Nordic network. We hold annual Nordic meetings where users form the foundation for the continuing development of RETTS. If you are interested in joining this network, please contact us via

About Predicare

Predicare AB was established in 2011 as a result of the increasingly large and professional demands being made on the RETTS system. To ensure the development of the system and future investments it was decided to run RETTS as a business. A professional board was established. The company headquarters are in Göteborg.

Company objectives

  • Predicare will develop and deliver intelligent decision support system solutions that benefit medical safety and quality as well as simplify work in emergency medicine both within and outside the Nordic region
  • Support professional development within the field of emergency medicine
  • Support research and development within the field of emergency medicine

The Nordic RETTS Steering Committee

At each annual meeting, Predicare checks the status of emergency care line functions and strategic issues related to emergency medicine in the broadest sense.

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