RETTS has facilitated rapid, safe, high quality care for patients seeking emergency medical care since 2005. RETTS is continually under development and is now available online. It can also be integrated with an increasing number of medical records systems.

RETTS for the entire chain of care

Due to the increased demand for validated and structured decision support systems, RETTS  is used increasingly in fields outside emergency medicine. This increase in the demand for the RETTS  system has led to an increase in the demands being placed on it. There is now a whole range of RETTS products available for use online or offline, as well as for training and integration with medical records systems.


RETTS is designed for users at emergency departments, ambulance services and other healthcare providers in need of decision support. RETTS© is a registered trademark. RETTS decision support is protected by the Swedish Copyright Act (SOU 2011:32). Therefore, RETTS user activity is governed by the Swedish Trademark Act (SFS 2010:1877) and the Swedish Copyright Act (SOU 2011:32).

For authorisation to use RETTS, the user or organisation needs a license and a log in that is common to the organisation. There will also be one or two persons in the organisation designated as “super users”, with responsibility for contact between Predicare and your organisation. A “super user” also has increased access to RETTS. When you are logged in you can either use RETTS online via the internet, or print out the paper version of RETTS. It is up to the user to choose the working method.