RETTS Online

RETTS was initially developed in a hard copy format but is now also available online, thus decreasing the risk of loss of information.

RETTS Online

RETTS Online gives you access to a decision support system regardless of whether you are using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

How does it work?

RETTS is available as an online service as well as in paper format for those lacking an internet connection. More and more users are using the online function via internet ( This service can be used online 24 hours a day, with no limit on the number of users per license. RETTS Online has the same approach and functionality as the paper version. An important difference is that RETTS Online enables the user to add their own local process steps in each ESS, which means there is an editing feature. The local “super user” must accept the license terms, and each license holder must appoint a medical officer with responsibility for the edited ESS.

The benefits of RETTS Online

  • ESS are always correct and updated
  • ESS can be printed out, with or without local process steps
  • Reduced risk that superseded or different versions are used
  • Two ESS can be opened and read simultaneously for comparison

What is included in RETTS Online 2015?

  • The paper version of RETTS
  • RETTS Online
  • RETTS Sim e-learning system with the same log in as RETTS Online
  • Instructions and quick guide for using RETTS
  • Membership in the user network and the opportunity to participate in the Nordic RETTS Conference at a reduced rate
  • Some support in the use of RETTS