RETTS Sim is the system’s training module. This provides an opportunity for individual staff members or an entire ward to train on fictive patient cases.


You can train with over 100 realistic patient cases using RETTS Sim.

How does it work?

RETTS Sim is an online e-learning system intended to keep medical staff continually up to date and to introduce new personnel to the system. It can be incorporated into your own LMS (Learning Management System) for organisations that use LMS. Sim provides healthcare staff with the opportunity to train online when they have the time and opportunity to do so.

The benefits of the Sim tool

For healthcare professionals

  • Introduction and continuing training in the use of our products
  • Ensure that you are using it correctly
  • Simple to use, and available whenever you have time – you can log in as often as you please


  • Saves costs related to training and travel

RETTS Sim is included in your regular license

  • Sim is included as a natural part of the Online products
  • The log in till Sim is the same as for Online
  • RETTS Sim is continuously updated and renewed with more cases