The RETTS book

The RETTS book

The RETTS book was written by Bengt Widgren from Predicare.

RETTS “Direct Emergency Medicine” describes the RETTS© (Rapid Emergency Triage and Treatment System) decision support system which is used within the field of Emergency Medicine to quickly ensure safe and high quality care for the patient.

The book describes the principles, background and structure of RETTS©, and also contains exercises for use in training sessions.

RETTS Direct Emergency Medicine is structured so that each individual staff member has an overview of the problem at hand. The book also touches on organisational issues which need to be considered by management. It can be used as a reference showing how the RETTS system is intended to function. It is also beneficial for use in the introduction of new employees and newly qualified acute care personnel.

The RETTS book can be used both in the hospital setting and in pre-hospital care since RETTS is designed for use through the entire acute care chain. The book is intended for use by doctors and healthcare professionals undergoing training, as well as in continuing professional development at various levels in emergency care.

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